Flying Pet Nannies

Not located in Southern California?

We use our partners at PetPackers Flying Pet Nanny for reliable shipping of our puppies to their new homes in various locations across the United States on a regular basis. If you do not live within our immediate area, or prefer your puppy shipped via air, we prefer that you fly your puppy using PetPackers Flying Pet Nanny. 

PetPackers Flying Pet Nanny is a group of professionally staffed pet nannies (not airline employees) who are experienced and have the proper training and knowledge to care for pets while flying several thousands of feet in the air on an airplane.

PetPackers Flying Pet Nanny will meet with us at Los Angeles International Airport where they will pick up your new puppy and fly in-cabin of an airplane with your puppy to your closest major airport, then meeting with you at your airport’s Baggage Claim Area for a special hand deliver of your new fur-baby.

PetPackers Flying Pet Nanny coordinates all shipping logistics for the pet including scheduling

dates, flights and times of pickup and delivery. During the pet’s transport, pet nannies communicate to all involved parties in real time and will in some cases (time permitting) send pictures and video of transport in progress.

PetPackers Flying Pet Nanny will feed, water, give potty breaks and allow play time when necessary to all pets in their care while traveling from one point to another. Each pet is given one on one time and attention as desired and required by pet, since PetPackers Flying Pet Nanny will not mix pets

and will only have one pet per pet nanny. 

PetPackers Flying Pet Nanny fee is usually around $550 (Special reduced rate exclusively for Charming California Chihuahua's), and includes airfare for both pet and pet

nanny. However, the cost of flights does vary sometimes so, you may need to contact either us or PetPackers Flying Pet Nanny directly for final cost if your airport of choice is not in a major city or area.

PetPackers Flying Pet Nanny is a better shipping alternative than cargo for our beloved pets and they do their very best to get our puppies home promptly, safely and with a peace of mind.


The Puppy Nanny will make sure the puppy's needs are met before you receive the puppy. However, make note of the following:

  • To pick up your puppy at the airport you'll need your own crate/pet carrier to take them home in.

  • Be sure to be on time as there is a fee for being late as they will often have a flight they will be getting back on after the delivery.

  • We will inform PetPackers you're planning a transport and pay your deposit/booking fee as well as the final cost. (We will include the shipping price to the whole purchase of your pup)

  • You will still need to contact PetPackers if you have certain times that are best for you, so they can choose the best time to schedule your transport.

  • People and pets could have left germs behind on the ground, germs that your puppy could catch if you put your puppy down, so please bring puppy pads and wipes if you have a long drive home, and make sure to keep the puppy on the pads while not at home until they are fully vaccinated or until your Vet approves such. Our dogs are sent in perfect health with a health certificate, so if your pet gets sick from transport we are not liable or financially responsible.

We will send our special puppy care package for your pet with the Puppy Nanny. 

See whats included in our package HERE.

If you have any questions, please

contact us at Charming California Chihuahua HERE.

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